The Law Offices of Kate Downing provide a variety of legal services to technology companies, depending on their needs and stage of growth. For smaller companies, we often serve as an outside general counsel, whereas for larger companies we tend to focus on a subset of technology transactions or open source-related matters, which are our specialty. Given the highly technical matters we generally handle, we also strive to give our clients, particularly those with a small legal team, the knowledge, tools, and training necessary for long-term success after our engagements end. 

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As a legal practice, we are focused on the software industry, but have breadth of experience in virtually every type of software on the market written in a wide variety of programming languages. 

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The Right Fit

Whether you are a small company and you need a set of commercial contract templates, or you are a public company and you need to build out an automated open source compliance process, we customize our services to fit your needs and we scale our recommendations to help you scale your business.

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How Can We Help You?

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