We have experience working with open source scanning service providers such as Black Duck, FlexNet (Palamida), and FOSSA. These tools focus on identifying third party software components in a company’s code and they offer educated guesses as to how a particular component may be licensed based on proprietary algorithms. However, these tools still require a human to confirm licensing when a problematic component arises by looking at the source code of that component directly. For this, we use Critterdom’s Open Sorcerer product (Critterdom was co-founded by Kate Downing). Not only does it help to instantly locate specific licensing statements within thousands of files, but it functions as an editor, allowing us to quickly create proper customer-facing open source disclosure documents that reproduce the licensing statements in the source code itself. To date, Open Sorcerer has saved our clients millions of dollars by preventing them from removing code falsely flagged by various open source scanning tools.