Creating a Comprehensive 3rd-Party Package Licensing Policy

Last November, I attended FINOS’s Open Source Strategy Forum in London. It was a terrific opportunity to meet people in the fintech space and to get a sense for how companies large and small in this industry were thinking about open source compliance and the overall open source value proposition for their companies. After the conference, FINOS’s General Counsel & Director of Governance, Aaron Williamson, kindly invited me to present to FINOS’s Open Source Readiness (OSR) Working Group.

The OSR Working Group hosts a regular speaker series, of which my presentation was but one of many. If you’re in the fintech space, I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you’re not in the fintech space, many of the presentations and resources they have available are useful across many industries.

My presentation focused on creating a comprehensive third party package licensing policy. This is often one of the first things my clients ask me to create for them and creating one is often a major hurdle for companies who otherwise have the tools and desire to jump-start the open source compliance process, but aren’t sure about the legal implications of the various open source licenses and quasi-open source licenses out there. This presentation gives an inside view as to how lawyers go about creating such policies and the types of concerns they often address.

The presentation was recorded and posted to YouTube here.

You can also download the slides here. I recommend downloading the slides and viewing them via PowerPoint because Google Slides preview will strip out a lot of the nice pictures and formatting.


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